Bringing Tastes Of History to life...

We are historical interpreters and presenters, based in North Staffordshire, who teach in schools and colleges, deliver living history demonstrations at events across Great Britain, and carry out reconstructive or experimental archaeology to better understand life in the past.

Our expert culinary advice and specialist knowledge has helped such clients as the BBC, Channel 4, English Heritage, Cadw, The National Trust, The British Museum, the Museum of London, and local authorities and museums.

We have two main aims: to bring to life history in schools, and to experiment with, re-create and produce good food from different historical periods.  Whichever you are interested in, then please follow the links below for more information:

Bringing history to life, using accurately researched costumes and artefacts, is exciting and inspiring for both children and adults alike.  The opportunity to handle everyday objects and learn how they were used makes history more accessible and connect us with the past.  We find using museum quality objects, together with role playing and storytellingactively works to involve children in learning - all while having great FUN!

School days can be tailored to fit with your plans; no two days have to be the same.  Presentations can be given to a single group, for the whole day, or shorter programmes can be delivered to several groups in the course of a day.

Education is a key to stimulating interest in history.  In the case of food, eating and dining throughout history can teach us much about our ancestors, and ourselves.

Our cooking demonstrations, at both public and private events, provide a place for all to learn about 4,500 years of food, the diets of rich and poor, cooking techniques, the preparation of dishes faithful to recipes from different historical periods, and an opportunity to sample the result!

Each demonstration becomes a mini cooking class with a chance for everyone to interact with us and perhaps learn something new.  Indeed, we positively encourage questions from the audience.

For more information on our exciting, interactive historical activity days, visit the School Days page.

For more information on our cooking demonstrations, why not visit our Demonstrations page.