Bringing Tastes Of History to life...

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

 - Benjamin Franklin 


Everyone learns in different ways

Long before Benjamin Franklin is said to have uttered these words, the same idea had been expressed in Chinese proverb (possibly by the enigmatic Chinese philosopher, Confucius).  To be fair, who actually said it first, and when, is largely irrelevant.  The sentiment, however, is timeless.

Maintaining a pupil’s interest day after day can be challenging, so why not do something different?  Our interactive and fun school days are designed to inspire and stimulate learning.

Our themed history presentations can be tailored to your needs connecting different curriculum elements as necessary.  
Tying historical periods and ideas together helps pupils understand how events and topics are linked.

We think history is more than just famous characters and dates.  Rather, we believe to truly understand history involves tackling all sorts of disciplines: geography, commerce, people, places, science, even mathematics.

is done at your location in the same safe and secure environment 
familiar to your pupils.

Save time on travel and money on booking and entrance fees at historical venues.

Avoid the hassle of the "on-site" shop, toilet and lunch arrangements!

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 Our School Days currently include: