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School Days | A Pirate's Life for Me!

What will happen in the day?

Piracy has an amazingly long history from ancient times to the modern day.  Both the ancient Greeks and Romans made numerous attempts to control the menace of “sea-robbers” as they preyed on merchants plying the Mediterranean Sea.  While we can look at these periods, our focus is normally on the “Golden Age of Piracy” between the years 1650 and 1730; the time of Henry Morgan, William Kidd and, of course, Blackbeard!

As ever the emphasis is on having FUN, using artefacts, role-play, and games to teach history in an engaging and meaningful way.

Pirate Days are a great opportunity for children to come to school in costume.

A Pirate day can include some or all of these topics:

o Buccaneers, Privateers or Pirates: who's who?
o Dress like a Pirate;
o Weapons;
o Life at Sea;
o Games;
Food on Board Ship;
o Life on Land;
o Piracy and Slavery;
o Punishments;
o Navigation, Maps...and Treasure!
o Pirates in books and films.
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