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 School Days | Meet the ancient Greeks

What will happen during the day?

A very popular day that focuses on the Classical period of the 5th century BC and satisfies a European history study element of Key Stage 2.

The ancient Greeks introduced many of the ideas and attitudes we still admire.  The topics covered look at the way of life, beliefs and achievements of the people living in ancient Greece and the influence their civilisation has had on the world today.

As ever the emphasis is on having FUN, using artefacts, role-play, and games to teach history in an engaging and meaningful way.

Greek days are a great opportunity for children to come to school in costume.

A Greek day can include some or all of these topics:

o Greece: where’s that?
o Dress like a Greek;
o Everyday life for Athenian men, women, boys and girls;
o Going to the Gymnasium: health, hygiene and talk!
o Work, trades and slavery;
o Food, drink, parties, and a little shopping;
o Childhood, toys and games;
o Schooling, language and the alphabet;
o Government;
o Warfare and team building in the Greek “phalanx”;
o Meet the Spartans!
o ta Olympia (the ancient Olympic games);
o Of Gods and Goddesses: myths, legends, beliefs and customs.
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