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 School Days | The Romans are Coming!

What will happen in the day?

Roman authority in Britain lasted nearly 400 years.  Their legacy still captures our imagination and influences modern ideas of civilisation.  Introducing the effects the Romans had on Britain can be best
understood by first studying the military, their dress, attitudes and beliefs.  Pupils love the challenge of “military training” to become disciplined Roman soldiers.

The military theme also serves to introduce what the Romans did for us.  From food to bathing, from gladiatorial games to chariot racing, find out how soldiers spent their leisure time and the innovations they brought to Britain.

As ever the emphasis is on having FUN, using
artefacts, role-play, and games to teach many more aspects of Roman history in an engaging and meaningful way.

Roman days are a great opportunity for children to come to school in costume.

A Roman day can include some or all of these topics:

The conquest and occupation of Britain;
o Joining the Army;
o Training new recruits;
o Disciplina and Punishments;
o Military dress, armour and equipment;
o Team building with Roman Army drill;
o Let Me Entertain You: gladiators and chariot racing;
o Revolting Boudica.
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