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School Days | Home Front: Britain at War

What will happen during the day?

An ideal way to supplement any Key Stage 2 study of the impact of the Second World War on the lives of men, women and children from different sections of British society.

The effects of the Great War of 1914-'18 were still being felt by very many Britons when, sadly, the political upheavals in Europe paved the way for round two.  The aim of our World War II day is to explore and supplement any Key Stage 2 study of Britain post-1930.  The focus is very much on the Home Front in the 1940s drawing on the contemporary experiences and memories of men. women and children to explain a very different Britain from today.

As ever the emphasis is on having FUN, using artefacts, role-play, and games to teach history in an engaging and meaningful way.

A World War II day can include some or all of these topics:

o The Eve of War: life in the 1930s;
o Who started it? the legacy of The Great War of 1914-'18;
o The Dunkirk Spirit;
o The Battle for Britain - invasion looms;
o Life on the Home Front: rationing, women at work, The Land Army, and maintaining morale;
o The Blitz, air-raids, taking shelter, fighting fires and evacuation;
o Dad's Army: the Home Guard in action;
o Spies, Fifth Columnists and code-breakers;
o The aftermath.
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